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Tao Chang Jin Dan for Mothers day

Tao Chang Jin Dan for Mothers day
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Tao Chang means Source Field.Tao is the source, the emptiness. Quantum physics tells us that emptiness creates a powerful vibrational field from which all things are possible. Imagine the unlimited power of a Source Field Golden Light Ball coming to bring nourishment and transformation into your life. In the presence of Source emptiness, we have unlimited opportunities and possibilities. The message and information of our souls, hearts, minds and bodies can be rewritten to be aligned with our greatest health, happiness and success. This powerful Tao Chang Jin Dan package brings the essence of the Source shen (soul, heart and mind) qi (energy) jing (matter) to us in the form of a Golden Light ball. It can be applied to transform your shen qi jing and nourish the greatest balance and alignment with your request.

One Tao Chang (Source Field) Jin Dan (Golden Light Ball) from 3rd Dimension, for your Mother on Mothers day
Enter only 1 type of Jin Dan (organ, part of the body, emotion, tissues) in the condition field.
Maximum Purchases per account: 2

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€ 50,00




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