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Self Soul Healing with Dr. and Master Sha (8-DVD set)

Self Soul Healing with Dr. and Master Sha (8-DVD set)
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Learn sacred and powerful techniques for aligning your soul, mind and body and experience Master Sha’s extraordinary soul abilities. Covers Soul Mind Body Alignment techniques for 90 conditions.



These DVDs carry the power of soul, with secrets, wisdom, and practical techniques of soul mind body alignment. In this television series, in addition to soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques, Master Sha offers high frequency soul blessings and transmissions to every viewer.

Master Sha will download a complimentary blessing to every product ordered. This includes every book, CD, DVD, pendant, or any other product, which can then be used as a blessing treasure for one-self and others. 

Register for Sunday Tao Blessings teleconference to receive these blessing treasures.