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Divine Healing Hands - Hardcover

Divine Healing Hands - Hardcover
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Divine Healing Hands: Now known as Tao Hands. Experience Tao Power to nourish and bless the alignment of soul, heart, mind and body, for you, your loved ones, your pets, animals and nature and more.



Master Sha will download a complimentary blessing to every product ordered. This includes every book, CD, DVD, pendant, or any other product, which can then be used as a blessing treasure for oneself and others. 

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Millions of people are suffering in their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Millions of people have challenges in their relationships and finances. Millions of people are searching for spiritual secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques in order to fulfill their spiritual journeys.

For the first time, many can receive Tao Hands, a blessing treasure for all life. Tao Hands carry Tao frequency to bless one’s health, relationships and finances. Master Zhi Gang Sha is a servant and vessel of Tao’s generosity in this way, offering Tao Hands to those who are aligned to receive. Every reader can learn about the blessing power of Tao Hands from the book.

In this tenth book of Master Sha’s bestselling Soul Power Series, readers will also be deeply moved by the many heart-touching stories of Noexperiences with this Tao transmission. To receive Tao Hands is to be able to better serve humanity and the planet in this critical time. The purpose of life is to serve. Learn how you can receive Tao Hands.